Trigger is complete technical support study (indicators and templates) for world's most popular meta trader 4 (mt4) trading platform of Forex, Stocks, CFDs and Indices trading.

Trigger generates automatic up and down signals with alerts. Trigger guides when to take entry for buy or sell position and exit at technical level. Trigger works in all segments like Forex (All currency pairs), Stocks, CFDs, Commodities and Indices.

Trigger works in all time frames of mt4. With Trigger one can easily identify the trend of market with or without having technical theory knowledge of basic candle sticks pattern. Trigger perfectly protects from loss as it shows perfect technical levels (Pivot points, Supports and resistances) for target and stop loss. Trigger is a highly profitable with almost not generating false signals and same is filtered by supportive indicators if any. 

Trigger continually analyzes market and instantly provides you incredibly accurate signals which allow to achieve an optimal balance between profit and risk. 

It's Easy to Use. No special skills or knowledge required! Initially it aims to minimize the load of trader, you just need to follow simple rules.  2 Minutes to Setup.   Trigger installs in few minutes (mt4 platform only) and can be used almost immediately. 

Trigger is Proven Results. Trigger has been tested a thousand times and it works great, making money for each of us.